Musikproduction / Dj / Künstler / Live Act

darkpsy , psytrance, hitekk, experimental, dub, underground techno, electro worldbeat, psypop, ….:)


Elephant (Klaus Rosalewski) was born in 1987. His compassion for music initiated in his youth when he started to play the guitar/percussion and singing – participating in different psychedelic projects. At the age of 16 he began DJ’ing at little psy electro partys. But when he got 19 he was bitten by a tick. Due to that he had to go to the hospital for one year. For half of a year his body was completely paralyzed and he had to learn everything all over again. But with the disease he learned to see life with different eyes . When recovering took place, he started to produce and record his own music. At the same time he got more into darkpsy and other psychedelic genres and began to play goa dj sets with self-made world beat sampels. In 2012 he started organising small psy-parties himself. Since the beginning of 2015 he plays life sets @ different psy partys and festivals. The focus in his work is to connect the sounds of nature – our beautiful mother earth – and the different cultures of our world with the vibes of electromagnetic sounds